What insurance do I need as an entrepreneur

Anyone who starts a company and becomes self-employed has to deal with all sorts of bureaucratic tasks, especially at the beginning. However, you should also take your time here to do everything right from the start.An often underestimated and little-noticed topic is insurance for the new company. We Germans are often very well insured privately. However, small companies are only too happy to neglect this point.This can have serious consequences later. Often enough, successful companies have failed because important insurance was missing.This insurance covers damage to visitors, customers and employees caused by you. Since such claims against you can quickly reach exorbitant heights, you should not skimp on this insurance under any circumstances.

Corporate legal protection insurance

Probably the most important insurance for all entrepreneurs is company legal protection insurance. This covers legal disputes.Here you should seek careful advice in order to tailor the services to your individual needs. For example, there are insurance policies that are available both privately and for companies.This covers legal disputes relating to your contracts. Since for you as an entrepreneur every sale is accompanied by a corresponding contract, this point is particularly important in payment disputes.

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance makes particular sense if you work in the manufacturing industry. If your production comes to a standstill due to environmental influences such as earthquakes or floods, business interruption insurance comes into play.Here you should read carefully which external influences are excluded and when exactly payment is made.Business insurance protects all of your company’s movable property. For example, in the event of a lxr-1983 your inventory is insured. If you already have business interruption insurance, business insurance is often included.

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